May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

It's time to thank our teachers! My boys have great teachers, they are kind, loving and dedicated teachers. We have decided to give our special teachers five days of gifts with thoughts! Of course, we put their gifts in "A Bag of JOY". Some of the gifts we chose to put in the interior pockets of the bag are:
Monday- Hand written Thank you note
Tuesday- Slipper Socks- " No one can fill your shoes"
Wednesday- Chocolate candy- "You are so sweet"
Thursday- Candle in decorated Terra Cotta pots- "You light up my day"
Friday- Box of crayons- "You color my world"!
My boys had fun wrapping each gift and writing on the tags. A big THANKS to TEACHERS!
We appreciate you!

PS. My sons' class is going on a field trip to Sea World this month, my son had big smiles when I showed him the fish fabric! Oh, the joy of fabric! =)


FarFam said...

So cute! I am sure they will love them!

laurie said...

You have such good ideas. The teachers will love these.

Rhonda said...

You are too kind! Something for every day! Wow, I want your kids in my class when I go back to teaching! Teacher's are often taken for granted...thanks for showing your children's teacher so much appreciation and love. They will love it!

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

The teachers will love those! Super cute and VERY thoughtful. Hey you're totally welcome to use the goose family picture...I took a bunch, but I loved that one best. Happy Mothers Day to you too! :)

Beth at Aunties said...

You must be sewing up a storm! I jsut dropped by to wish a very happy and Joyous Mothers day.

Our first farewell happened on Mothers day! I wish my bag was big enough to take me with you. maybe I will find the mission home and take a picture of it for you! Then you will see it before him! heehee:-) i do hope he serves in our sons area and I know he will be invited to dinner. They do it all the time!
I am running trying to get all ready...take care of grandpa and make sure my mom is taken care of. She is in alot of pain an dit is killing my heart. Oooo... I preposted which will come out sometime tomorrow about her horrid accident. I should be in Idaho caring for her. I have to let go and let my brother take care of her until I return.
I need to be 30 again!!!
I will be in VA tomorrow... It is SOO beautiful and there is nothing that looks like a desert there. Its So LUSH and green.

Hugs and Happy Weekend!

Beth at Aunties said...

I met the missionary who will pick up your son from the airport! He wonderful and our kids live having him here. Elder Hatch...The AP is anxious to meet him!:)It is gorgeous and we love it here.
Yet, We are concerned for our parents! My mom is improving:) and FIL is going down fast... he fell Friday and Broke his hand and fell last night during the night and hit his nose. Darn it is so hard!
Have a great week!

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