May 3, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Hello Friends!
I'm working on Teacher Gifts.
I want to share a few more Teacher Gifts that can be used with the
My inspiration started with a simple cardboard cup holder from Jack In The Box.
(I've done similar projects for Christmas/Neighbor gifts).

Thank you to 2 silly monkeys for the new version of the M&M poem print out.

I simply added a few Teacher gifts that followed the theme of the poem,
 I made a bookmark from School Themed Fabric and added crayon buttons.
Teacher Bookmark is lined with interfacing stabilizer.
(Fabric was found at JoAnns Fabric Store)
I also covered clothes pins with ribbon to attach the poem to the box.

 The best part of the gift is a FULL  JAR of  M&M's!
Home made M&M cookies are also great!
I also made a half apron made from Teacher Themed fabric with pockets for art projects.
Other items to add:
hand written appreciation card

 Box of Crayons
Gift Cards/Gift Certificates
School Supplies

Simple to make!
Begin with a drink/cup holder
(This is how the box looks after I spray painted it with Chalkboard Spray Paint.)
I had my daughter write on the box with white chalk on the box.
It really works!
Let your imagination and creativity take over and have fun!

(The flat crayons and hand buttons by Favorite Findings can be found at JoAnns Fabric Store.)

Thank you Teachers!
We appreciate you!


The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Greats ideas Brenda, looks like you had lots of fun creating these.


Caryn Talty said...

I love your creative and cute ideas! I am going to link it on my recent blog post on using my M&Ms Teacher poem. I did this craft last spring as an end of year gift for my boys' teachers. Our kids go to a Catholic school, so we created our own unique M&Ms poem. It became popular on Pinterest, so I thought I would make two more downloadable tags for Christmas, too.

Angelia Larkin said...

Tese teacher gifts are amazing!

Angelia Larkin said...

The teacher gifts are amazing.

Angelia Larkin said...

The teacher gifts are amazing.

Cindy Dy said...

This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!.


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