November 24, 2012

I Spy Christmas Ornaments

Hello Friends!
 Handmade Christmas gifts are from the heart and bring a lot
of  LOVE and JOY to Christmas!
I Spy Ornaments
(You may remember them from last year)
Every year my kids receive a handmade ornament from Grandma.
The I Spy Ornament was our ornament from last year.
I think they are adorable!

I Spy Ornaments are simple to make.  You can easily make them with
the following supplies:
Clear Ornaments
Glitter Snow
Christmas Buttons
Miniature Ornaments 
Ribbon and Glue
laminated I Spy List
Be sure to glue the top of ornament securely.
If you are giving your ornament as a gift,
I Spy Ornaments look cute in a cupcake box or secure it to the top of a gift.


Susie Q said...

What a ridiculously cute idea!

Mary Ann said...

What a great idea, and even I could do this one, and play with my littlest grandkids!

Tina Carr said...

This is way adorable!!

Aliya Desouza said...

The cheerful and colorful time is no more far from now. Christmas 2012 is round the corner. A lot of preparations is required to be done to merrily welcome this very special festival each year.

Alyssa Adcox said...

Hello! Such a cute idea! Where do you get the clear glass ornaments?

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