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September 10, 2012

Inspired By Nature

Secret of the tree
A tree uses what comes its way to nurture itself.
By sinking its roots deeply into the earth.
By accepting the rain that flows towards it.
by reaching out to the sun,
the tree perfects its character and becomes great.
(author unknown)

 Fall is Inspiring!

September 7, 2012

A Little Sparkle and Shine

New Pumpkins arriving daily!

Thank you for your orders from the Pumpkin Patch!
Fall is Fabulous!
A Good Morning Surprise!
My little daughter left this sweet drawing in front of my sewing machine today!
She knew where I would find it!
 Hearts, Stars and Flowers!
"I Love You"
A great start to my day!
A little Sparkle and Shine!

August 31, 2012

A little Glitz and Glamour

Hello Friends, Hello Friday!
New Pumpkins in
This is the dot fabric in gray, by Sheri Berry Designs for Riley Blake. 
This fabric is part of the Costume Clubhouse collection.
This is my favorite fabric from the collection!
I was excited to find the perfect ribbon!
The ribbon has silver glitter polka dots!

 One of these days, I think it just might cool down!
We are still in the 100 plus temperatues.
Thank goodness my pumpkins won't melt!
Have a beautiful weekend!

October 28, 2011

Fun Friday

Hello Spooktacular Friends!
                               Are you all ready for Halloween?

Let the FUN begin!
 Bring on the TREATS!
Here'a a little Friday Fun!

Source: None via Brenda on Pinterest

Source: None via Brenda on Pinterest

Source: None via Brenda on Pinterest

Have a BOO-TI-FUL weekend!
I will return with my ladybug project for my sweet little bug!
A work in progress!

October 5, 2011

Seasonal Fall Decor

Welcome Friends! Let's Bloom into Fall!
Come Along for a Tutorial on a Fall Centerpiece!
This Fall Centerpiece is one of my favorites,
and it is SIMPLE and FUN TO CREATE!

I'm reposting this post from last year (September 2010). 
I currently can't retrieve new photos/technical difficulties.
Hopefully, I'll be back soon!
Let's Begin!
Start with a sculptured vase.
(I found mine at Kirkland Home)
Add the following items:
Fall garland picks
wire, green Ivy garland or picks, Floral moss, floral picks
 Fall wired ribbon, Natural Wired Vigne Metallique(optional)
(1) Grapevine wreath,
  A basket that fits perfectly in to the diameter of your vase,

Attach grapevine wreath to your basket.
Choose a basket with a handle,
so you can easily anchor your wreath to the basket handle.
Embellish your grapevine wreath and the diameter of your basket
 with green ivy picks, green moss and garland.
 Secure ivy in place with floral picks and wire.
You're on your way!

Add Fall garland and ribbon to one side of your wreath and basket.
Add Natural Wired Vigne, Fall wired Ribbon
Let The Fall Happiness Begin!
Embellish with  apples, pumpkins, wood signs, and Halloween Decor!

Add  a Sign to--
Celebrate Family, Friends, Traditions!

Add a few "SPOOKTACULAR" Pumpkins !

This was my little daughter's "Fall Happiness" as I was taking pictures of pumpkins.

Tip Junkie handmade projects

October 1, 2011

Fall Harvest Wood Pumpkins

Hello October! So great to see you!
I hope you are all enjoying beautiful FALL DAYS!
I've been working on Fall Wood Pumpkins!
This SIMPLE PUMPKIN project is easy and FUN to CREATE!
A PDF Tutorial is in my Etsy Shop!


September 21, 2011

It's Autumn Time: Burlap Pumpkins

Welcome Friends!
Welcome AUTUMN!
Sew What's NEW?
Pumpkins with a little flair for BURLAP!
                             I've never been a big fan of burlap, since the feel of burlap is a little itchy!
But I must say........
 I love burlap with elements of NATURE and FALL.
I've fallen for burlap!

A time to gather together and be thankful for our blessings
Celebrate AUTUMN!  Create a little Fall Happiness!

Have a Beautiful FALL!
Fall is the most beautiful TIME of the Year!
Thanks for visiting!
The Lettered Cottage
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